Summer's Here!

Tue 30. Jul 2019

Wow! It was so busy last term I just didn't get around to blogging at all!

First up we had two incredible Presentation Nights with students from all stages acting and performing in shows that they helped to write and devise. Congratulations to all of them - so much creativity and ingenuity on display from all of the age groups.

Then I headed over to deliver all day workshops at Dr. Radcliffe's Primary School in Steeple Aston as part of their Performing Arts week. What a fun day. I created bespoke workshops for each class based on what their teachers had asked for and the results were engaging, entertaining and so much fun. Not only that I also ran a workshop for parents which was great and may even lead to some adult NOSD classes....

And now the summer has started, so while all of the parents and students of NOSD get a well deserved break, I am plying my trade in London. Using my voice on recordings for Vocaleyes at the National Theatre, working on the immersive Midsummer Night's Dream at the Bridge Theatre or trying not to burst into laughter writing for Book of Mormon in Manchester.

Still, nothing quite compares to my Wednesday's with the NOSD gang and it will be so lovely to see them all again in September.

In the mean time Happy Holidays!!